How do I distribute/update the Windows app in enterprise environments?

For deployments through tools like Microsoft System Center (SCCM), we recommend using the MSI installer for the latest app version.

The latest MSI can be gained by adding “?msi=true” to the end of our standard Windows app download link.


The app is designed to operate with no UAC requests.

It is installed within the local logged in Windows user’s AppData directory – i.e. %LocalAppData%\AppCode

You should ensure that your Windows policies and SCCM configuration allow the app to read and write data and folders within the %LocalAppData% directory, as well as having access to local user registry.

If not, it is likely that installations and subsequent automatic app updates will have issues.

The underlying Windows app update functionality uses the industry standard Squirrel.Windows installer.
For more information, we suggest you review the Wiki and other information available on the Squirrel.Windows Github page.

If you are using SCCM, another approach to try is the suggested process at the 3rd party link below.

This article describes SCCM installation of Microsoft Teams, however it should be equally applicable to our Windows app, since Teams uses the same Squirrel.Windows updater library.
Simply replace all Teams mentions with our app code/name: