Send a Group Notification


Group Notifications are great way of sending out information to a big group of users (players/coaches) in one easy step. They can be sent out as often or as little as required.

Send Group Notifications (Method 1)

  1. Select the Management Tab at the top of the ILG Sports web portal menu.
  2. Next, select Notifications on the sub menu.
  3. To send a new Group Notification, press the green +ADD button on the Top-Right.
  4. Once the Create Notification section is available enter your Message in the Message box.
  5. Then select the Participant Group, this will determine who will receive the Notification. To learn more about creating Groups click here.
  6. Once everything has been completed. Select the green Confirm button at the Bottom-Right and this will send out your notification to all the Group you have selected.

Send Group Notifications (Method 2)

  1. Select the message bubble on the Top-Right hand side.
  2. Press the blue Notification button.
  3. This will bring up the Participants.
  4. Next Select the Group you would like in the Repeat Notification.
  5. Once finished selecting who you would like in the Repeat Notification, press the blue Create notification button at the Bottom-Right.
  6. You should now see a Create notification box appear at the Bottom-Right. All there is to do is enter your notification and press enter.