Sketch Field Type

Sketch Field Type is can be used to capture signatures and can also be used to annotate images or drawings.

Configuring the Sketch Field Type

Simply drag ‘n drop a Sketch Field from the left-hand toolbar onto your Form page, then configure it using the right-hand properties panel.

Capture Signature: Displays an inline drawing area for the user to enter their signature.

Static Background: Upload a default image for use as the background for sketch drawing.
Useful for scenarios like marking out issues on technical diagrams, annotating floor plans and other outline/blueprint type images.

Dynamic Background:

Define a calculation/formula that will dynamically populate an image into this field.

e.g. CONCAT(‘‘, {{myfield}}, ‘.jpg’)

e.g. {{mydsfield[2]}}

Is Personal Data: Indicates that data captured in this field may contain personal or sensitive data, which in turn can be anonymized when exported from the platform.
NOTE: Use of this option does not grant or imply additional security, protection and privacy of data.