Setup Wellbeing Questionnaire


Knowing your Teams Wellbeing is vital and with ILG Sports Wellbeing section you can create custom Questionnaires and get reliable feedback from your players.


Setup Wellbeing Questionnaire

  1. Select the Team Hub Tab at the top of the ILG Sports web portal menu.
  2. Then go to Wellbeing.
  3. Then go to Questionnaire.
  4. To add a new Question press the green +ADD button on the Top-Right.

Types of Questions

There are three types of Questions you can add onto the Wellbeing Questionnaire. Text Field, Dropdown list and Slider. They are each designed to make answering Questions easier for the Players and are selected at the top of the Create Question section.

  • Text Field. This is a standard text input for the player to provide descripted answers or feedback. There is only one option to customise this and that is in the Character Count. This limits the amount of characters that the Player can enter in the questionnaire.
  • Dropdown List. This can be used when you have a set number of variables. The list can be as long or as short as you wish. You can colour code these and even attribute a score.
    • First, set the order no, this starts from 1.
    • Second, set the answer which will represent the answer the player can choose.
    • Third, set the numerical value the answer represents (example: Great equals 10, Terrible equals 1.) This can also be left blank.
    • The Final option, can set a visual colour to the options to help the Player choose the correct answer.
  • Slider. The slider is a simple numerical slider. It can be easily set up with a Min and Max number and can be colour coded to help with determining good and bad.
    • Set up the Min Max levels. This will set how high and low they can slide the slider to.
    • Next, set the colour options. There are three colours Red, Amber and Green and two boxes next to each one. The boxes set when the slider turns different colours. If these are left blank there will be no colours.

Question Name and Order

At the top of the Create Question section you have 3 sections, Order No, Question and Question Label. Each are vital on how the Questionnaire looks and relates to the Players input.

  • Order No. This section determines what position to question appears on the questionnaire. You can enter any number between 0 and 99 and it check the other Question Numbers and arrange accordingly. If you leave this blank it will be added to the bottom of the list.
  • Question. This section determines how the Question is worded on the Players Questionnaire. What is entered in this box is what the Player will read before entering their answer.
  • Question Label. This section is what is visible on the Wellbeing Report. This helps whoever monitors Wellbeing translate what the Players are inputting for their Wellbeing.

Participants and Visibility

The bottom half of the Create Question section is for who has visibility to the Question and when the Question is visible.

  • Participants Section is to select which Players can see the Question. These can be select either by scrolling down and selecting the tick box next to the players name. Alternatively Players can be selected by Selecting a Group. To learn more about creating Groups click here.
  • Weekdays section determines when the Questions are available to be entered. First, select the day to be visible (if none are select the question will never be visible). Once you have selected the days, each day you have selected will appear underneath with a time (if these are left, the question will be available all day). Enter a start time for when you would like the Question to be available.
  • Once you have set up your Question, select the green Confirm button at the Bottom-Right and it will be added to your Questionnaire. Repeat this process as many times as you require.